How A Simple 12 Days Email Series Generated Over N40 Million In Sales In Less Than 90 Days Using An Unresponsive List

If you want to get better at writing effective emails for either yourself or for businesses, then this short letter will show you can become an email marketing and writing expert.

But first.

Let me share the full story that helps you know how powerful this skill is.

In 2017, a couple i knew started a new immigration service company.

All through the years of running and operating the business, They had built up a list of roughly 11,000 subscribers whom they send their promotion to sell their N400,000 Offer to help with relocation issues.

While they were still profitable with getting 3-5 clients a month operating on the island with about 4 staffs.

They couldn't go above that level of clients they were getting.

In the middle of 2019 i was invited over to their house to discuss some business issues as we normally do from time to time been a close friend to the family.

They told me they wanted to delete their list and start all over from scratch, plus they wanted me to help with achieving that result

I asked why they wanted to delete their list.

They responded and said the list was no longer responsive and no client was coming in like before thus they cant continue paying the autoresponder fees and would rather delete and start all over again with fresh new ads that brings in new subscribers.

After he explained this to me.

I advised if he could hold on for a bit and allow me 

do something with that list.

Initially, I wanted to suggest collecting that list to use for my own personal purpose since i was at that time also promoting an affiliate offer in that industry

But instead,

I told him I was going to revive that list and see how to get him more clients from that same list

I later then advise them to take a pause from the new set of ads they wanted to run so as to allow me run this email series for them.

All he could say was they had snuffed out the life of the said list and whatever I wanted to do wont work and all they needed was to run a new set of ads.

I simply told him to relax and if what I wanted to do doesn't work, it doesn't affect anything or the plan to build up a fresh new list.

That weekend ended with me creating a 12 days email series after which I spent the next few days doing some basic proof reading and editing to fine tune those emails i had created.

By the end of the following week, i logged into their mailchimp account and scheduled all the series to start going out to the subscribers.

After I did this, I instructed them to get a staff who would be in charge of responding to questions and enquiries they get from the mail and this person had to be their best closer as I would also be indicating a phone number to call inside the email I wanted to send out.

Once this was completed, I went back home to focus on my health business.

Few weeks later, I got a call from the company that they have since signed up more clients than they did in an entire year and they cant believe that those emails would still generate new clients.

They also complained that their staff in charge of the emails has requested to have an assistant as they were getting over 100 emails per day as replies from the mails i sent.

Overall within a space of 90 days.

They had gone from having 3-5 clients a month Up to having over 100 new clients from their 11,000 list worth N40,000,000 [forty million naira]

All this as a result of a simple 12 days 

email series I created for them.

It was at this point, I was told to come on board the company to also come train their marketing staffs most especially the new marketing team on email marketing and building fresh list of subscribers to simply duplicate those email campaign to fresh leads they started to build later on.

You think that's all...

Well, there's more.

I later on went on to help them launch their own online course that also sold over TEN MILLION NAIRA while also pocketing over N1,500,000 from that launch and all i did was simply sending simple email series I have perfected which i have always used in my own personal business.

While the company is now closed down in Nigeria due to relocation reasons by the owners.

They have gone ahead to open up office in Canada where they now fully conduct their business on a global level since they were already permanent resident in Canada and now taking on client that's now paying them as high as 10,000 DOLLARS using this same system i have set up for them

Now why am i sharing this with you?

If you think email marketing is DEAD.

Then it means you have clearly been doing it the wrong way which hasn't been working for you

or you just belong to the crowd that just believes WITHOUT reason that nobody read their emails anymore.

My name is Ademiluyi Adegboyega.

An Email marketer and Certified Google ads specialist that has built up my own personal business simply using nothing but emails over the past 5 years of active selling online most of which my own business.

I have helped and advised businesses on email marketing, lead generation using ads platforms like google and digital marketing across different industries

I have trained several students and staffs on this same topic.

I have built businesses in the travel, health, finance and business opportunity niche.

I have used this same skill to build a team that was also responsible for selling over 1.5 million dollars worth of product in the network marketing industry

And this i have done actively since 2015 where it all started.

I have this to say to you my friend.

Emails still works when done the right way.

And if you are ready to really learn how it works.

I can show you how you can become a email marketing Rockstar.

According to constant contact

''Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spentEmail marketing makes money. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $36. That's a higher return than you can expect from any other form of marketing''

This is a skill i had to develop when i got tired of looking for customers every time i run a direct sales advertisement to sell my products.

My ad account would get shut down thus leading to zero sales until am able to get another account to start all over again.

I made so many mistakes until i learnt how to truly interact with my list which simply changed the way i get to write and sell to my list.

And one of this ways i would like to teach you is in creating the PERFECT EMAIL SERIES that converts any cold traffic to buyers.

The email series is simply an email strategy that helps you to turn any cold audience or traffic to KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST you over a period of days which makes it easy for you to sell your products or service to them.

And its how I have helped this company to build a over N50 million business.

Plus also how I have been able to generate millions in sales for my own personal business with over 30,000 Subscribers

All from using and writing the right set of emails that produces result.

I would like to invite you into my special masterclass program

This is a masterclass session I created when I last shared how anyone can create an effective email series to build a profitable business with your list

If you are actively building a list or simply looking to 

start building a fresh new list

and would want to get the best out of YOUR subscribers to get more sales

This Video MASTERCLASS which is a 75 minutes no fluff pure content program is exactly what you need to watch today.

It focuses mainly on two major aspect that is key to helping you to become a better email writer

  • The Best Way To Cultivate Your List To Turn Them Into Buyers By developing your own UNIQUE email series. [Your First Seven Days]
  • How exactly you can profit off your list that makes them to willingly pay you for your product, service or affiliate offers [Day 8 - Day 10 and going forward]

And once you are through with this 75 minutes masterclass recording i have created which gives you everything you need to create your own email series like i do

You will be able to create and craft your own email series which you can use to sell your own product and service.

All you have to do is to order for this masterclass at this

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Upon successful payment. 

You will get instant access to the masterclass recorded and be on your way to becoming an expert at writing emails to either your own personal list or clients you would want to work with in crafting out highly engaged emails that converts for their business.

Since this is a skill you are learning right inside this masterclass which you can use for either your business or for clients you want to help write for

There will be no refund once you have 

got access to the masterclass.

So you need to sure you really want to learn how to write and craft better emails that generate more engagement and conversion for your business.

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