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My story started right from 2008 when i decided i was going to build a business of my own and started my first business right from campus selling my services door to door in the hostels till 2011. Right after then, went into trading the financial market for the next 3 years where i learnt how to be a forex trader and handling clients account to the tune of over $100,000. In 2015, I joined the Networking Marketing Industry And Was active in it for the next 4 years where myself and my team sold over $1.5 Million worth of products, Qualified and went to 8 Vacation trips and got featured inside the company Magazine. In 2019, I launched my first online course and went on to build a 7 figure business simply selling my knowledge and expertise. Launched my first Physical Health Brand Which Has Done Over 8 Figures in total revenue. Currently A Certified Google Ads Specialist and A Digital Marketer.

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