Want Us To Help Setup Your Google/Youtube Ads Campaign Without The Monthly Management Fee?

Over the last 4 years of running google ads, I have helped generate thousands of leads and done millions in sales running display, search and YouTube ads. 

And just this year alone, Lots more business owners and entrepreneurs have been able to use YouTube ads to build multiple 6 to 7 figure income through my online programs.

Some have achieved major milestones in their business as a result of utilizing google ads to their business.

Now i understand a few people might not have the time to go through multiple video training and would just want everything done for them and handed over to you making the whole process more easier to manage.

So there is a special package

made especially for you. 

You should only consider this if

- You run a business and actively needs your ads to go live within the next 7-10 Days.

- You have at least $1000 or more to spend on ads each month [Dont bother applying if you know paying for the ads will be an issue]

- You have a product [Physical or Digital] or service you are selling.

This is not for you if

- You are completely new to business and starting with little to no capital

- You are a beginner affiliate with no proven experience or results.

- You wont have time to watch the customized video we send to you right after we complete the whole setup and launch your campaigns for you to manage your account yourself.

Currently, we are not taking any clients on our monthly management fee where we normally charge $750-$1000 per months as our management fee via our agency website, But we have decided to make something special for you if you are on this page right now.

For The First 10 People To Apply,

We will help you setup up your YouTube ads campaign and also help you launch them, while you simply manage the ads through our customized video that helps you to manage your ads to help you get more leads and sales to your business. 

So here is what we will do for you as our deliverables if you are choosing this package to be done for you.

  • We will help you write your video ads script which will send to you to record via your phone to use for your ads.
  • We will create a well planned ideal customer list of prospects on a google sheet and hand over to you which you can continually use in your ads to quickly launch new campaigns you would want to test out.
  • We will create, setup and integrate all of your conversion tracking to your landing page so you know where your results are coming from
  • We will create and setup your landing page where traffic will be directed at once your ads start. 
  • We will send a customized video explaining how you can manage your campaign and also optimize for scale to get result.

Now this offer is not for everyone and Spot will only be available
To The First 10 People That Is Accepted Each Month [This might reduce depending on workload]

It’s for those that knows they need someone to help set everything up while they simply manage their campaigns.

This offer is for N250,000 ($250)

One Time Setup Fee 

Note: This Does Not Include Your Advertising Fees Which You Will Fund Directly To Google

You can only book this via application after which you receive an email if we can help you setup or simply filled up for the month.

If we are already at capacity, You will get a response and have to wait till the following month when we are opened and know we can help you in setting up your ads for your business.

If this is something you will like to take part off. Simply use the green button below to Fill the Application Form and expect a response within the next 24 hours.

Pls Note that once you make an application via this link and you are accepted, We will have a live meeting to talk about your business before you proceed to make payment to help you setup within the next 7-10 Days after confirmation of your payment.

There is no refund for this service. So be sure this is the package that applies best to you

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