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Alternative treatments for weight loss: When to consider surgery and when to try something else

Discover the latest non-surgical weight loss treatments and achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Are you considering weight loss surgery, but looking for alternative options that still works and also effective?

Surgery can be a powerful tool in the right circumstances, but it's not always the best option if you look having to go under the knife, having to spend several millions and also having to endanger your life in the process.

So you might be thinking if there are other weight loss alternatives you can go for that works and just as effective as going for a surgery.

Join us for this exclusive webinar as we explore weight loss alternatives and discuss how to achieve long-term weight loss success without the need of a surgery.

So if you are looking for alternative options that works. Register for this live class holding this weekend

What you’ll learn in this Live Class:


The latest non-surgical weight loss treatments and how they work


How to create a sustainable weight loss plan


The benefits of natural weight loss alternatives


How to achieve long-term weight loss success


Dr. Aruleba earned her Doctor of Medicine from Windsor University School of Medicine in 2010. She is an active member of the South Africa Society of Integrative Medicine and the institute for functional medicine, USA.

She incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies from conventional medicine, as well as emerging tools and tests that help her identify the critical imbalances that are the root cause of disease to help treat the whole system not just the symptoms.