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About the Company

ETA is a Forex Trading academy birthed in the bid to support everyday people to tap into the wide opportunities available on the forex market, which will result in healthier finances and an alternative source of income. We aim to educate people on how to participate in the financial markets in a very simple and productive way.

At ETA, we pride ourselves on the best hands who have over 10 years of result-oriented experience in Forex Trading, all over the world. These professionals will be your guide to becoming an addition to the financially healthy people even amidst the gruesome economy of our country and the world.

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Our Services

  • Forex Trading Education
  • Amazing Support
  • Trading Signals 
  • Proprietary Trading

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Forex Trading is serious business. Hence, you need to be properly educated. The art of trading itself needs to be seen as a business, not an habit, hobby or a sport. Our courses are in three folds.

* Beginner Courses: This is for newbies. Here, you will learn the following

Introduction to Financial Markets, Different aspects of Financial markets and how they inter relate, Introduction/History to (Forex, Commodities, CFD Trading),Why Trade the Financial Markets? ,Trading Sessions, Trading Terminologies, The Trading Platform,  Working with the Platform, Fundamental Analysis ,Technical Analysis, Money Management ,Risk Management, Trading Psychology, Practice Class

* Advanced Courses: At this stage, you have already graduated to using live accounts to trade and you can independently take a trade and make a profit. You will Analysis of Various Trading Systems, Advanced Fundamental Analysis, Advanced Technical Analysis, Advanced Risk Management. Also in the Advanced Class, you will learn how to use Signals, Risk Management, Trade management and much more. At the successful completion of this level, you can confidently name yourself a Forex trading professional, because you would have completely understood the terrain of forex trading. But only subsequent trading experience will keep you here and even get you better. 

Trading Signals

So, are trading signals worth it? That depends on where you're getting them from and your attitude to risk. There are 3 factors that make a trading signal effective, First, the general direction of the signals have to be right. A high % in the direct direction. Secondly, the attitude to risk and discipline of the person taking the trades. Understanding position sizing and stop loss placement. Trading Psychology is also important – as the wrong mindset can produce habits that in turn bring inconsistent results.

Proprietary Trading

Proprietary trading occurs when a trader trades with the firm's own money in order to make a profit for themselves. Currently, there are many proprietary trading firms that give an opportunity to Forex traders. They give a higher trading capital than most traders can ordinarily get access too. Therefore, making 10% for example on a $100.000 account is far more beneficial than making the same % on a smaller account. This can be taken advantage of. If the trader knows how to trade and is well disciplined. Are you finding it hard to pass your trading challenge? Talk to us today


Because we are zealous about our mission and vision, we do not train you and leave you alone. Throughout your journey with us, you will get Free Mentorship which will guide you from one stage to the other. We are bent on making you a positive contributor to your country’s economy and forex trading is one of the ways you can do that.

A lack of mentorship in a respective field is the reason why a lot of people struggle in that field. A single lifetime is not enough to experiment in the Forex market. There are thousands of strategies, indicators and “working” systems on the internet. This causes a overload of information for most trades(beginners and advanced) which impact negatively on their trading decisions.

Benefit Of Becoming A Member Of Easy Trader Academy

By joining our academy, you stand to gain the following

  •  Quality training from trusted and professional hands
  •  Factual and Truthful information (Honest opinions about the financial and forex markets)
  •  Reliable Support via Mentorship and Trading Signals

    If you make use of the aforementioned as advised, you will
  •  Unlock a fantastic living that could make you work from home and make a lot of money weekly
  •  Be financially free and less dependent on wages or salaries
  •  Get the independence to live on your terms and even have enough time for family and friends
  •  Be lifted out of the dark clouds of debt and unpredictable income for limitless earning potential.

    Most importantly, you gain the right foundation to start your forex journey. 

A lot of people have the wrong foundation which doesn’t help on the long run.

“I have invested in this program, that crypto coin. Initially I was making money and then someday something happened and took out all my money. I never seem to make money trading”…”Forex Trading is a gambling…its not even a business. I gave money to someone to trade for me and he lost all the money !!! I don’t know ANYONE that has made profits from trading “

“I put money in a copy trading system thru a broker…I never got any returns”

This and many stories circulate the internet. Stories of how a scheme was doing so well, everyone rushed into it and it crashed. Schemes that give the impression that there is “no risk at all” are the riskiest of all because you don’t see where the risk is.

The truth is that people market forex like its so easy and outrightly deceive prospective customers with promises of huge returns with no risk involved.

The fact is that most people do not have the right knowledge and see forex trading as an opportunity to end ALL their financial problems. Talk to us today and get the right perspective. We will tell you where the risk is, what can be achieved and give you a BALANCED perspective.

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For inquiries on how to get started or other information, send us an email at [email protected], or chat with us on WhatsApp: +2349094842585 . Do you have any questions relating to forex or clarifications ? Please do well us to send us an email, call or request a call back

Training Fee for Beginners Class – N30,000
Training Fee for Advanced Class - N50,000
Signals – N15,000 (One month Free Trial and subsequent payment of N15,000 monthly)


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