Your Registration Is Almost Complete To Attend This Class On 6th August 2023

Now that you have done the first step to register for this live event, The next thing you need to do is to join our telegram group so you can be able to receive the live invitation link to attend the live class holding on the 6th August 2023

A notification would also be sent to your email with the link to the live class. 

But knowing many people might miss it for one reason or the other. 

Joining the Whatsapp group would help ensure you are able to get updates and access to the live class scheduled to hold on the 6th August 2023.

Use the link below to join.

One Last thing. An email would be dropped right now asking you an important question. Do please help respond to it as it would further help towards this live class we will be having together.

See you all inside the live class.

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