The Exact Blueprint Of How Affiliate Marketers Sold Over N100 Million Of Digital Product Using Just Youtube Ads In 2023 

And How I Intend To Triple This Revenue Goal To Over $300,000 In 2024 Helping Affiliates Across Africa Get 100-500 New Leads Daily To Their Affiliate Marketing Business

Step One

Attract 100-500 New Leads Daily With Youtube Ads

Step Two

Earn 6-7 Figure Monthly Income As An Affiliate

Step Three

Become A Super Affiliate In 6-12 Month With Just Youtube Ads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Soon Can I Launch My Ads After Going Through The Program?

A: Depending on how fast you can set up your ads, You can have your ads running in less than a week after going through the program. If you are fast learner, You can have your ads running within the next 72 hours.

Q: Is The Program Easy To Go Through For Complete Beginner?

A: The program is created in a basic simple step by step guide that makes it easy for anyone to implement towards their affiliate marketing business to generate leads.

Q: How Will I Make Payment For My Ads Since Google Charges In Dollars?

A: You pay for your ads through a dollar account, Details about getting a naira account is also talked about inside the program as additional video for those in nigeria looking to have a google naira account.

Q: What Type Of Support Is Available For Me When I Join The Program?

A: Once you join, you have the opportunity to join the telegram community and also join in the Live monthly question and answer that is held to provide more help to those registered inside the program

Q: How Much Do I Need To Start Running Youtube Ads For My Affiliate Business?

A: The minimum recommended budget for your ads is $25 per day depending on how you want to spend based off the strategy shared inside the program

Q: Can i use this same program to sell my own online program/coaching?

A: Yes, if you own your own digital or coaching program, you can use the same process taught inside the youtube ads for affiliate marketer to sell your own program


Q: Can i Join The Program If I Just Started Affiliate Marketing?

A: Yes you can, so long as you are looking to invest in paid ads with youtube. You can join the program