Single or Married, SSCE or Graduate, 55 Years Old or Younger, Even Without IELTS...

You Can Relocate to Canada With Your Family Within Months And Save As Much As N2m in the Process

If You Follow The "3-Step Unfair Advantage" On This Page...

From: Victor Jegede
Ottawa, Canada

It is true.

There is a "3-step unfair advantage" any serious person can follow to relocate to Canada in months if you are really passionate about moving.

And you can also move your entire immediate family along with you.

Regardless of your age.

Regardless of your education (the minimum is an SSCE).

Regardless of your marital status.

Regardless of if you have a family in Canada or not.

The good part is that...

You can also save as much as N2m in the process.

And you can do this without paying any greedy travel agent.

This "3-step unfair advantage" has helped 100s of lucky Nigerians who followed it to relocate successfully to Canada in as little as 8-12 months minimum.

Before I continue to tell you what this 3-step unfair advantage is...

Let's Face the Elephant in the Room.

It is no longer news that everywhere you go online today...Twitter...Youtube, Instagram etc...

There are various people claiming to have the magic keys to help you relocate successfully to Canada.

If you go to YouTube right now and search for 'how to relocate to Canada,' you will see all sorts of videos.

While a few of them have some useful information, most of these people usually provide outdated or half-baked information.

I am not trying to boast but none of these 'fake immigration experts' people have access to the quality of Canadian immigration information that I have access to.

And none of them can be as helpful to you as I am going to be with this information.


My name is Victor Jegede and by the grace of God, everyone in my family are now Nigerian-Canadian citizens.

But it wasn't like that before.

I actually started trying to move to Canada in 2010.

In the process, I lost over $30,000 to different travel agents who promised heaven and earth.

So...I decided to take my immigration destiny into my hands.

In 2017, I succeeded in getting a permanent residency Visa which is what I used to successfully relocate my family to Canada that same year at the age of 38. (An age that many people would consider to be too old for Canadian immigration).

But the Best Part is - After 5 years in Canada, My Family and I are Now Canadian Citizens.

Some years back, I realized how a lot of Nigerians were struggling and wasting a lot of money in their attempts to relocate to Canada like I did.

So, I decided to acquire as much knowledge as I can on what the Canadian immigration guidelines are and what it truly takes to become successful in relocating to Canada.

One of the things I did to achieve this was to undergo a professional course on immigration assistance which i went through to further my knowledge and experience on Canadian immigration

Below is a screen shot of my academic transcript

Now, let's get into the main issue.

What is the "3-Step UnFair Advantage" That Makes Your Relocation to Canada Within 8 Months Almost Guaranteed?

Let Me Explain:

Ever since I relocated to Canada and have been involved in educating and mentoring other Nigerians to relocate, I have observed that most Nigerians face 3 main challenges.

These 3 challenges suck away their time, energy and money.

Eventually, a few of them succeed but most don't.

The top 3 challenges Nigerians encounter that makes it difficult or impossible for them to achieve their Canadian immigration dream are:

(1) Lack of adequate and quality information from a reliable source.

(2) Lack of resources

(3) Lack of mentorship [Not legal advise]

Ever since I realized this, I came up with the "3-Step UnFair Advantage" which is a process that tackles all 3 challenges.

The 3 Steps Of The "3-Step UnFair Advantage" Are:

ONE: Choose a Canadian immigration pathway that suits your situation and is most likely to work for you out of the various pathways available.

TWO: Follow the Canadian immigration guidelines strictly (especially Post-Covid).

THREE: Access to people and systems that will aid your understanding of the Canadian immigration process and can mentor and guide you accordingly.

These 3 steps have helped 100s of Nigerians to successfully relocate to Canada. 

Majority of them are not willing to reveal their identities due to personal reasons.

But there are a few of them who have testified to how my guidance has helped them succeed in their Canadian immigration process and settling down in Canada which is also very important.

I will soon share their testimonies with you on this page but for now...

Let Me Explain Each Step Better:

STEP ONE: Choose a Canadian Immigration Pathway That Suits Your Situation - And is Most Likely to Work For You Out of the Different Immigration Pathways.

So, here is the thing.

When it comes to relocating to Canada...

Most people only know and talk about how to relocate via the Federal Express program and as a student.

But the truth is those 2 common immigration pathways might not be suitable for you because we all have different situations.

The good news is there are other proven immigration pathways you can use to relocate to Canada legitimately.

And these immigration pathways have different requirements.

The good thing about this is that at least one of these pathways will fit into your situation.

So either you are 50 years old...or younger.

Or you only have an SSCE.

Or you don't have a family member in Canada.

Or you can't pass IELTS.

All you have to do is find the one immigration pathway that suits your situation and your pocket.


This is why it is always a good idea to get information from someone who is fully qualified to help you on this.

For Example...One of the Immigration Pathways Allows You to Bring Your Family To Canada

Look at the picture below.

Using the parent and grand parent sponsorship program...I was able to submit an application for my parents to become permanent residents in Canada and they have been invited to apply as seen in the document below despite their education and language proficiency because it's not required

Here is a recent feedback from one of subscribers who has gone through our program

STEP TWO: Follow the Canadian Immigration Guidelines Strictly
(As Stated By The IRCC)

Look at the picture below.

The screenshot pages above are from a document titled "The Annotated Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada."

This document is updated yearly and it contains every relevant laws and cases guiding immigration and refugee protection in Canada.

Specifically, It contains the updated guidelines for people who want to relocate to Canada.

I am sure that majority of the self-acclaimed immigration advisers [Roadside travel agent or ghost consultants] out there definitely don't know about most of these updated immigration policies..

Anyway...what I am saying here is this - If you follow the immigration policies that apply to you based on the immigration pathway you selected in step one, your chances of relocating successfully goes up.

Let's talk about the 3rd step.

STEP THREE: Access to people and systems that will aid your understanding of the Canadian immigration process and can mentor and guide you accordingly.

Most people usually feel overwhelmed with the idea of handling immigration application processes themselves.

Hence the reason why many fall victims to fraudulent agents.

The fact here is clear: you can actually handle this yourself if you know exactly what to do, and have someone who can quickly correct you whenever you are going the wrong way. This is where mentoring comes in.

Also, you need someone who will not only provide you with the needed information, but someone who can link you up to other reliable and regulated service in the process

If You Still Have Doubts as to Whether I am the Right Person to Guide You on Your Canadian Relocation Journey, Maybe You Should Listen to These People


Would You Like Me to Mentor & Guide You So That You Can Successfully Relocate to Canada As soon As Possible?

I believe your answer is yes.

So, let me introduce you to...

The Canada Relocation and Mentoring Blueprint 3.0

The Canadian Relocation and Mentoring Blueprint 3.0 is a comprehensive guide for anyone who intends moving to canada either on a temporary basis or as a permanent resident

This blueprint guides you step by step exactly where to start, what you need, and how to go about the relocation process etc without having to pay any agent.

This new blueprint is actually an updated version of the first Canada relocation blueprint I released in 2018 which helped a lot of people.

Since then, a lot of things have changed as far as the Canadian immigration policies are concerned especially due to covid.

I created this new Canada relocation blueprint for 3 purposes:

ONE: To educate and guide you on the simplicity of the Canadian immigration process so that you can overcome the major challenges that people who want to relocate to Canada face in their application process.

TWO: To show you the applicable different immigration pathways you can choose from and use to legally relocate to Canada. Plus how to apply and succeed with them.

THREE: To provide the require support needed to further assist people looking to move to canada through the various resources we have provided including partnerships with organizations that provides the needed legal support for those who might need it.

All you have to do is pick a relevant immigration pathway as explained in the guide that suites your situation and follow the application process for that particular pathway.

Inside This New Blueprint...You Will Also Learn

  • The post covid updated, little known immigration guidelines that majority of agents don’t know.
  • You will discover the new platform for applying for visa that most people don't know about - which is why their applications is being delayed.
  • 5 steps for applying to study in canada as an international student
  • A secret document that increases your chances of getting a visa.
  • How to go about the process of applying for a visit visa and how to overcome the issue of visa denial by the embassy.
  • 4 steps to get a job from a Canadian employer when you are still outside Canada.
  • Canadian provinces that make it easier for you to switch from student to Permanent resident.
  • How to Submit a visa application yourself without a third party, understanding clearly how to meet the requirements for that class of visa.
  • How to access financial support from a reputable US BASED institution capable of providing funds needed for tuition payment and cost of living in some Canadian and American Schools. 
  • What you need to know about moving to Canada completely. 

When You Get This New Canada Relocation Blueprint...You Are Also Positioned To Getting Direct Access on a One On One Via Zoom

This is a big one.

Some minutes ago, I told you about the importance of having a mentor educate and guide you in your immigration journey.

Which is why when you purchase the Canadian Relocation & Mentoring blueprint, I will be making myself available on Zoom to guide you and others with any questions or challenges you might have as regards your relocation process.

This is a One Time Opportunity [Except otherwise indicated]- This is not equivalent to a legal advise

This alone is worth at least N300,000.

You will also be added to a Telegram broadcast group where I will be clarifying various issues, posting updates and providing answers to questions regarding the relocation process.

But That is NOT All...

When You Get The Canadian Relocation and Mentorship Blueprint...You will Also Get The Following Bonuses:


Step by Step Videos to Walk You Through the Canadian Immigration Process

These videos show you how to navigate and use the new Canadian immigration guidelines and platform.

Value: N80,000


How to Raise Money For Your Relocation to Canada

Relocating to Canada is definitely not for people hustling to eat but what if there was a legitimate way for you to make a lot of money and make your Canadian dreams a reality?

Well, this is what I share in this video.

Value: N50,000


Pathway to Canadian Work Permit

This covers - How anyone can relocate to Canada with a work permit.

This includes contact details of employers and organizations looking to recruit outside Canada provided the potential employee meets the requirement.

Value: N75,000


Professional Courses You Can Study In Canada

This video covers special courses you can study in Canada to help you avoid the age or IELTS barrier if you intend to relocate to Canada via the student route.

Many international students make the mistake of assuming their internationals course must be a degree program. This is not correct as their are other professional courses that are better suited for many others.

Value: N35,000


How to Easily Get Funding or Proof of Funds for Schools

In this bonus video, I share how you can easily get funding or the usual proof of funds schools request for in Canada.

Specifically, this bonus gives you access to international financing organization capable of giving loans to international students

Value: N50,000


Choosing Where to Settle In Canada

What should you consider to decide where to settle down in Canada as a new immigrant?

This is very important as the decision of where to live in canada should be carefully made as it determines a lot

That is what I share in this bonus video.

Value: N15,000


How to Become a Canadian Citizen In Less Than 5 Years (BIG)

This is a big bonus that can easily sell for as much as N100,000 because majority of people who come to Canada as a permanent or temporary resident don' eventually become citizens on time due to lack of information.

Yet, I became a citizen in under 5 years.

I will tell you what to do and how to avoid the mistakes they made in this bonus video.

Value: N100,000


Eligibity For Permanent Resident As a Skilled Worker

This bonus video covers the selection factors for eligibility as a permanent resident and what they mean.

Value: N25,000


Moving to Canada From the UK

I created this extra video due to the several requests I have gotten from people who stay in the UK and want to relocate to Canada.

This bonus video shows you how to get it done seamlessly.

Value: N30,000


Financial Success in Canada

Some immigrants actually go bankrupt within the first few years in Canada because they do not know how to manage their finances and deal with the financial system in North America

This bonus video will help you understand this and show you what you need to know about succeeding financially in Canada.

Value: N60,000


Relocation Success Tips For People Over 40 Years Old

This video contains strategies for people who are over 40 years old to successfully relocate to Canada.

Value: N50,000


IELTS Preparatory Trainings & Materials

Many people shy away from the IELTS because they think it is tough but that is not the case if you have access to the right tools and materials.

The tools and materials that has helped many people is what you are going to be getting access to in this bonus.

Value: N70,000

Again...Here is a Summary of What You Are Getting:

  • MAIN: The Canadian Relocation and Mentoring Blueprint 3.0  (Valued at N25,000)
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: One on One  Guidance and Mentoring. (Valued at N300,000)
  • BONUS 1: Canadian Immigration Application Portal & Walk Through Videos
  • BONUS 2: How to Raise Money For Your Relocation to Canada
  • BONUS 3: Pathway to Canadian Work Permit
  • BONUS 4: Professional Courses You Can Study In Canada
  • BONUS 5: How to Get Funding or Proof of Funds for Schools
  • BONUS 6: Choosing Where to Settle In Canada
  • BONUS 7: How to Become a Canadian Citizen in Less Than 5 Years (BIG!)
  • BONUS 8: Eligibility For PR as a Skilled Worker
  • BONUS 9: Moving to Canada From the UK
  • BONUS 10: Financial Success in Canada
  • BONUS 11: Relocation Success Tips For People Over 40 Years Old
  • BONUS 12: IELTS Preparatory Trainings & Materials

Total Value: N965,000

Price From March 21st:

N50,000 Only

Once your payment is successful, you will be given instant access to the digital version of the product with the bonuses included so that you can download everything.

As you can see, you can get everything for N50,000 only if you order today.

But this is a temporary price.

You can come back tomorrow and the price could have changed to N60,000

So, don't delay.

Click this link and order the blueprint now.

You too can make your Canadian relocation dream come to pass faster only if you will stop depending on agents and stop feeding on wrong information littered all over the internet.

Do you want a better future for your children?

Do you want to live in a country that has a working system?

Do you want a better and secure life for yourself and your family?

Do you want to become a Canadian citizen thereby creating a Plan B for yourself and your family?

If you answered yes to those 4 questions above, then you know what to do.

Click the order button below and let me guide you.

At this point, you have 3 options:

ONE: You can keep wasting your time and money by following the trial by error advice from random immigration experts on Youtube, Twitter etc

TWO: You can pay a high profile immigration consultant as much as N15m to help you with the immigration process and hope it works out.


THREE: You can follow the advice I am giving you here which is - Let me educate and guide you on how to succeed with your immigration plan so that you can relocate within months.

It is your choice.

I hope to receive your testimony about how my Canadian Relocation and Mentoring Blueprint has helped you.

I wish you success.

Your friend,




"If there is one person who truly understands the process of relocating to Canada without having to pay exorbitant fees to agents, it is Mr Victor Jegede. Even before he became certified as a Canadian immigration expert, he used his knowledge to move his family to Canada as permanent residents and became a Canadian citizen in under 5 years.

Apart from that, he has helped 100s of Nigerians to successfully relocate to Canada via different immigration routes. Listen to him."


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