How To Get Consistent 100-500 High Quality Leads Every Single Day Via Youtube Ads To Earn More Affiliate Commissions.
Even If You Are a Complete Newbie To Affiliate Marketing, This is For You.

This New Youtube Ads Program Will Help you:

  • Get Over 34.5% Landing Page Conversion Rate From Day One
  • A Hyper Laser Lead Targeting Strategy That Gives You High Quality Affiliate Leads
  • A Simple Yet Effective Approach To Generating 100-500 Leads Daily Consistently

If you’ve had trouble generating high quality leads to promote your affiliate offers that earns you Consistent commissions, then this is the perfect fix for that problem.

My Name is Ademiluyi Adegboyega. 

A Certified Google Ads Specialist Who Leverages On Using Youtube Ads In Helping Clients get more leads into their business. 

And am here to show you how I help clients generate thousands of leads every single month into their business all using Youtube Ads.

I will like to share with you including as an affiliate marketer, you can start to use this same strategy i implement to start getting consistent daily leads into your affiliate marketing business.

Earlier this year, i started working with a few clients who pay me every month to help them setup, manage and scale their ads to generate more leads to their offers.

And having done this over the past several months, We have been recording great success in generating Tens of thousands of leads every single month. 

These results from these leads have made clients happy based on the quality of the leads i have helped them to achieve. 

All this is simply as a result of just one single advertising network i have been using for my clients.

Youtube is a huge video platform which is still 

currently untapped even right here in Nigeria. 

Here is just a glimpse into the entire ecosystem of YouTube for you to see how massive the traffic is and how it can be a great addition to helping you to build more qualified leads for your affiliate offers

I decided to put this special training together to start helping Affiliate Marketers Leverage on the power of Youtube ads in generating consistent leads to promote their various affiliate offer. 

What you are about to learn is part of the reason why clients pay me N250,000-N300,000 Every Month to manage their Google Ads Campaign

Let me ask you this question?

What would a consistent Daily Lead result like this do to your affiliate marketing business?

The success of your affiliate marketing business is dependent of the quality of leads you are able to generate that turns into affiliate commission to you.

If you want to find out the number one secret super affiliate are using to earn Millions in commissions every single month.

You will find out that one of the key ingredients that helps them to achieve this is. 

They have learnt to leverage on generating 100s of NEW LEADS EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And that is where you as a newbie affiliate need to start from right now. 

By Learning How To Use Youtube Ads To Start Generating These Leads Into Your Affiliate Marketing  Business you'll be on your way to:

​Become a Super Affiliate

​Earn A 6-7 Figure Monthly Commissions

Attract New Leads Every Single Day

This is why i want to introduce you to the 

Youtube Ads For Affiliate Marketer Academy

Here is what you will learn:

Video Ads Script Formula

Using my perfect video script formula, you will be able to write your own video ads script which you can either use for yourself or simply send across to affiliate vendors to help you create to help you convert your traffic into leads..

Lead Launch High Quality Strategy

This is a special strategy training that i use when setting up campaigns for clients to help them start getting high quality leads from day one. You will be learning this and implementing it in getting those consistent leads that leads to more affiliate commissions

34.5% Landing Page Conversion Formula

Have a look into how we design our landing pages that gives us as high as 34.5% lead conversion rate including landing page design template created for multiple products you can swipe right away and use in your campaigns. This will always be updated with new landing page designs that is proven to work

Monitoring And Scaling Your Youtube Ads Campaign

Get an insider look into how you can start out your campaign once you start getting consistent leads for your affiliate business. Scaling the wrong way might kill everything. Follow this principles and get it right to scale beyond spending $500-$1000 per day on Youtube ads.

What You'll Get...

Inside this 7 Module Video Training, You are guaranteed To Start Generating 100-500 Leads Every Single Day

The Only Youtube Ads Course You Will Ever Need To Start Pulling Out Consistent Leads To Your Affiliate Marketing Business Starting Today

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Staying On One Traffic Source Isn't Healthy For Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

As an affiliate marketer, putting all your eggs in one traffic source will always end up leaving you frustrated most especially with the inconsistency and Ban From other ad networks you might be using which makes it difficult to grow your affiliate business. 

Including Youtube ads to your traffic source is one way through which you can fill up that gap and always know you will never run out of leads and can easily gradually scale up to whatever number of leads you want to get every single day.

If You Are Still Reading This Page Right Now, Simply Ensure You Get Your Own Copy Of This Program To Launch Your Ads Today Before I Start To Increase The Price Of This Program.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • 7 Module Training On Youtube Ads For Affiliate Marketers
  • Telegram Community Group
  • Landing Page Samples and Designs
  • Video Ads Samples For Various Products
  • Special Bonus: How We Made N562K In Affiliate Commissions Using Live Webinars

All these now for just:


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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If after going through this training step by step and launching your campaigns and still could not generate any leads within the next 30 days, You can always initiate a refund during this period. Just show us the launched campaigns and data received from your ads.